Are E-Cigars Eco-Friendly?

12/28/2017 0 Comment(s)

There are a number of great reasons why a person who smokes cigars or cigarettes would want to switch to e-cigars. One reason you may have not considered, though, is the fact that E-cigars are much more eco-friendly than cigars and cigarettes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why this is the case.


So Many Butts

Littering caused by disposing cigar and cigarette butts is a real problem. Even people who would not normally litter often don’t think twice about tossing their cigarette butt onto the sidewalk. To make matters worse, the trillions of cigarette butts that are discarded each year will end up in a landfill even if they do make it to a trashcan, and the filters in them can take up to ten years to decompose.


E-Cigars can be Recycled

There’s no way to recycle a cigar or cigarette butt. It’s either going to end up littering the sidewalk or in a landfill. E-cigars, however, can be recycled and reused for other purposes. Their batteries and plastic construction make for a product that is perfectly fit for recycling.


No Smoke, No Pollution

The Clean Air Act has gone a long way toward highlighting the ways in which cigars and cigarettes pose a risk to polluting our clean air. However, with E-cigars, there is no smoke produced – only liquid vapor that quickly evaporates. Compare this to smoke particles which will linger in the environment for a long period of time and you’ll see that electronic cigars are the much more eco-friendly choice.



For the sake of your own health and the sake of the environment’s health, we invite you to consider making the switch to E-cigars. Not only are they safe, enjoyable, and affordable, they’re also much better for this planet that we call home.

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