Are Electronic Cigars Safe?

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Questioning the safety of E-cigars is a perfectly valid concern. After all, one of the primary reasons people switch from cigarettes and cigars to E-cigars is to improve their health, and they want to make sure that the product they are switching to really is safer to use. To help put your mind at ease, we decided to address the question of whether electronic cigars really are completely safe to use.


No Smoke, No Danger

It isn't the nicotine in cigarettes and cigars that makes them dangerous, it's the smoke. In addition to the smoke from burning tobacco, you're also getting the smoke from burning all sorts of other additives, each with a list of side effects and health concerns as long as your arm.


With E-cigars, though, there's no smoke. None whatsoever. Instead, what you're getting is a water


vapor formed when the liquid inside the E-cigar is brought to its boiling point. This vapor contains none of the harmful carcinogens found in smoke, and it also doesn't contain any of the harmful additives that are found in cigars and cigarettes.


Thus far, there have been no negative side effects or health concerns found to be associated with E-cigars and vaping, and plenty of time and money has been spent trying to find just one.


With that said, if you are using E-cigars that contain nicotine, they can be addictive. This isn't the same as saying nicotine is harmful, but in the same way that you can become addicted to caffeine – another addictive, harmless substance – you can become addicted to nicotine as well. Generally, though, E-cigars are seen as much less addictive than tobacco products.


All told, there are no known health concerns associated with E-cigars, making them an excellent alternative for those who use traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars.

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