Can You do Smoke Tricks With an E-Cigar?

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Smoke tricks have always been a fun and popular aspect of smoking. Since the advent of vaping, though – which puts out a lot more vapor for you to work with –  the popularity of smoke tricks has risen exponentially.

From smoke rings to tornadoes, there's a wide range of tricks that you can do, and a number of great tutorials exist online if you ever want to learn more. However, can you do these tricks with an E-cigar?


Doing Smoke Tricks with an Electronic Cigar


Generally, the more vapor that something puts out, the better it will be for doing smoke tricks. 


They'll just look more impressive if you're putting out a thick cloud of vapor.

E-cigars typically produce more vapor than an E-cigarette, but not nearly as much as you would get with a high wattage vaporizer. Still, most E-cigars should be more than adequate to pull off a wide range of cool looking smoke tricks.

If doing smoke tricks is your primary reason for vaping, then E-cigars might not be the best choice available. For most people, though, smoke tricks are just an added bonus. In this case, electronic cigars will work just fine.


How to do Smoke Tricks

If you're interested in learning how to do smoke tricks, there are plenty of excellent tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through the process. Some tricks are fairly simple to do, while others may require a great deal of practice. Once you have your E-cigar, check out a few and learn how to do them. They're a great way to make smoking electronic cigars all the more enjoyable and an excellent way to show off your E-cigar to your friends.

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