Celebs We’d Like to See Vaping E-Cigars

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Dozens of celebrities have been photographed vaping electronic cigarettes, and others have been snapped while smoking cigars. So where are the electronic cigar vaping celebrities hiding out? Do they even know the e-cigar option exists?


The electronic cigar is the smoke-free star of the cigar universe. Like celebrities, cigar fans like to spend time together, often in exclusive clubs (cigar bars) where they can relax and enjoy a cocktail or a beer. E-cigar vaping, which is what “smoking” an e-cigar is called, can be as satisfying as traditional cigar use. The familiar look, feel, scent, flavor and sensation are all there in an e-cigar.Dita Von TeeseHere are some celebrities we would love to see with an electronic cigar (most of them don’t make the usual lists of cigar aficianados):


  • Kid Rock – singer, actor
  • Ciara – songwriter, singer, actress
  • Miguel Jimenez – pro golfer
  • Snoop Dogg – musician, actor, writer, composer
  • Dita von Teese – burlesque star
  • Carmen Electra – actress


Big thanks to Mata at Fiz-X for bringing these famous cigar smokers to our attention online. Che Guevara is mentioned, too, but it’s too late for him to try an e-cigar.


The cigar attitude is what it’s all about. Electronic cigar vapor releases a rich, thick cloud, like you often see in photos of celebrity cigar smokers. The difference is there’s no odor of cigar smoke with an e-cigar. Good reason to give them a try, Heidi Klum.


We all know that people like to copy what celebrities are doing. If more celebrities are vaping e-cigars vs. a second-hand smoke version, it’s a safe bet that people will jump on the bandwagon. If you find photos of e-cigar vaping celebs before I do, post them or send me a link. I know they’re out there…

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