3 Reasons for Cigar Smokers to Try E-Cigars

09/15/2014 0 Comment(s) Cigars of the World,

Now that electronic cigarettes are on everyone's lips, will e-cigars be the next big thing? E-cigars, or electric cigars, are tobacco-free: a small but sophisticated processor creates water vapor instead of smoke. E-cigar vapers enjoy all the sensory pleasure of a cigar but without the negatives of tobacco.


You're probably thinking the first reason to buy e-cigars and try them is your health. Yes, that's a good reason, but it's not the only one. Here are three facts about the joys of vaping e-cigars that you may not have considered:


  • Quality electronic cigars can give you an authentic cigar experience. The feel of an electronic cigar in your hand and the way it looks are as satisfying as tobacco cigars. Cuvana E Cigars, for example, have a rich, mahogany-color wrapper with a traditional cigar band. An LED “flame” glows like the ash on a cigar when you puff. Cuvanas also have a signature Cuban cigar flavor that's rich and flavorful.


  • E-cigars will save you money. Real cigar people don't light up a cigar a second time. If you can't finish it in one sitting, you're probably going to toss it. An electric cigar is activated when you want to vape. Instead of watching a tobacco cigar burn away, you can use an electronic cigar for more than 1,500 puffs and still experience the fresh flavor every time.


  • You can enjoy e-cigars in more places. Luckily, e-cigars fit in almost anywhere – there is no second-hand smoke, no heavy cigar odor and no messy ashes. Modern electronic cigar technology lets you hang with family and friends and enjoy a puff or two at the same time.


E-cigars are for cigar smokers and for anyone who's ever wanted to try a cigar but is afraid to ash. In a world of stress and uncertainty, it's important to give yourself a reason to take a break and relax. How about an e-cigar?

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