3 Rules for Cigar Smoking in Polite Society

09/15/2014 0 Comment(s) Cigars of the World,

Cigar smokers the world over have developed rituals and customs around cigar smoking. Whether they are meeting in the boardroom or taking a break from riding their Harleys, those who enjoy cigars take part in certain cultural traditions. While cigar smoking customs vary from place to place, there are some widely accepted rules for smoking cigars, including electronic cigars, in polite society. Following some simple suggestions will keep you from looking like an unsophisticated, or even worse, a rude cigar smoker.


First, if you’ve picked up any bad habits from cigar smokers in the movies, try putting them to rest. How often have we seen a movie character talking with a cigar in his mouth, or gesturing with a lit cigar in hand? Happens in real life, too. We can probably thank actors for the roll-a-cigar-next-to-your-ear move, too. What’s that about? It will be interesting to see if people roll electronic cigars next to their ears.


Besides knowing what not to do, there are three basics for politely smoking a cigar in the company of others.


  • Make sure it’s okay to smoke, wherever you are. If you’re not sure that the restaurant where you’re dining, or your host and other guests approve of cigar smoking, find out before you light up.


  • If you are offered a cigar from a box, don’t hesitate to ask the person making the offer for a recommendation, especially if you are unfamiliar with the cigar brands. If you are savvy enough to recognize the most expensive cigar in the box, resist the temptation to grab it.


  • Include the women present when the proverbial “smoking lamp is lit” after dinner.


Cigar etiquette hasn’t changed much over the years; it’s mostly based on common sense. Now when it comes to electronic cigars, some rules, such as letting a cigar go out by itself in the ashtray vs. stubbing it out, go up in smoke. But most of the traditions of cigar culture are the same for cigars and electronic cigars, also known as e-cigars or vapor cigars.


A good smoke after dinner, enjoying a cigar with a fine libation, and kicking back by the lake for a summer’s evening smoke with friends – the pleasures and customs of cigar smoking endure.

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