The Best Electronic Cigar for Reducing Your Dry Cleaning Bill

01/21/2017 0 Comment(s) E-Cigar Lifestyle,

My friend Troy often takes clients out for dinner when he travels for business. Some of them enjoy an after-dinner cigar as much as he does, which is great except for one thing: he hates the big dry cleaning bills.


The smell of cigar smoke seeps into fabric and stays – no amount of “airing out” removes the lingering odor, which can be pretty nasty. Wearing a wool jacket or slacks after he's smoked a cigar isn't something Troy feels real comfortable doing.


I told Troy about electronic cigars, how they don't have a cigar-tobacco smell, and no tobacco ashes. He was willing to give them a shot, but in his mind, the bar wset pretty low for e-cigars. If he was going to try them, he at least wanted to know he was vaping the best electronic cigar. He read electronic cigar reviews online but still wasn't sure which brand to try.


In my opinion, the CUVANA Disposable is the best electronic cigar I've tried – other electronic cigar reviews agree.


CUVANA looks and feels like a hand-rolled cigar. I'd say it has an aroma instead of a smoky odor. It uses nicotine-vapor technology – a smart way to create a successful cigar experience without tobacco, or the musty left-over cigar smell.


Troy was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the CUVANA, its authentic taste and vapor – no smoke. He's back to reading electronic cigar reviews so he can find a variety of the best electronic cigar brands (besides the CUVANA) to offer his clients. The lower dry cleaning bills are a nice bonus, too.

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