What are the Legal Restrictions on E-Cigars?

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In many cases, e-cigars and vaping suffer from a concept known as “guilt by association”. Since people began to realize how harmful smoking tobacco is, a wide range of legal restrictions were placed on tobacco products. Now, many of these same restrictions are spilling over onto vaping products, even though there is no evidence that they are harmful at all.

To help you better understand what to expect regarding the legal restrictions of E-cigars, here are a few of the more prominent restrictions that have been put in place so far.


Must be at Least a Certain Age to Purchase

As with tobacco products, you must be at least a certain which varies from state to state in order to purchase electronic cigars and cigarettes. In most cases, this age is either 18 or 19, though in some states it is 21. Even though E-cigars have no known harmful side effects, this restriction is one of the more fair and understandable ones. Most E-cigars do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance, and a person needs to be an adult before they decide whether or not they want to ingest nicotine.


Restrictions on Where Electronic Cigars can be Used

Many states prohibit E-cigars from being used in certain locations such as schools and public buildings. Other states have a complete ban on E-cigars and other vaping products from being used indoors outside your own home. These bans largely stem from similar bans on tobacco products in which second-hand smoke is a real concern. “Second-hand smoke” from E-cigars and other vaping products, however, is non-existent, and these laws can almost entirely be chalked up to guilt by association.



While laws regarding E-cigars are largely more lenient than laws regarding tobacco products such as cigars and cigarettes, there are still regulations that you need to be aware of. Before you enjoy a nice E-cigar, make sure to brush up on your state’s laws and regulations regarding vaping products.

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