Will Electronic Cigars Become as Popular as Electronic Cigarettes?

09/28/2017 0 Comment(s) E-Cigar Lifestyle,

In recent years, vaping and E-cigarettes have exploded onto the scene, finally offering smokers a safe, healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. Their popularity has soared so much so to the point that there is now an entire culture surrounding vaping, complete with events, forums, and more.


Following in the wake of E-cigarettes came the next natural step – E-cigars. The question is, will E-cigars ever become as popular and widespread as E-cigarettes?


Cigars vs Cigarettes

To draw a good comparison between electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars, you must first look at the difference between traditional cigarettes and traditional cigars. Since cigarettes came onto the scene, they’ve have always had more widespread use than cigars. This is due to a number of reasons, some of which apply to electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars and some of which don’t.


For one, cigarettes are more affordable and accessible than cigars. Since they are inhaled, they also deliver a more potent dose of nicotine, and since they only take a few minutes to smoke compared to an hour or more for a cigar, they are less of a time commitment.


The Popularity of E-Cigars

Most of the factors that have limited the popularity of cigars do not apply to E-cigars. E-cigars are meant to be inhaled just like an E-cigarette. They also can be smoked for a few minutes or a few hours, meaning they aren’t a time commitment like traditional cigars. However, they are still a little less widespread in their availability compared to electronic cigarettes.


As the market for E-cigars continues to grow, their eventual popularity is really anyone’s guess. Already, they are starting to attract people who have never smoked a traditional cigar as well as those who are looking to switch from cigars to E-cigars. Whether E-cigars will one day enjoy the same popularity as E-cigarettes is yet to be seen, but the potential is certainly there.

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