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En Fuego Cigars and Lounge with the owner and proprietor, Michael Abdoulah. En Fuego is on Sahara Avenue about 3 blocks west of The Strip.


Michael:   I've been in Vegas 20 years.


ElectronicCigar.com:  Okay, wow, and you're originally from …


Michael:   I'm originally from Saskatchewan, Canada. I lived in LA for 10 years, and I've been here for 20. We're very fortunate, we've created a nice home for some really cool people. We've got, a lot of guys who make it their daily stop in the morning since we open at 9 in the morning, which is pretty early for a cigar store.


ElectronicCigar.com:  Yeah.


Michael:   And we stay open late till 9 and on the weekends till 11.


ElectronicCigar.com:  You know, as we've known each other, I know that you have a lot of experience with the cigars. I respect your opinion and would like to get some information on something new that's out there in the cigar world. This is the CUVANA. This is a, an electronic cigar. It comes in a wrapper very similar to a cigar. I'd like you to, to try it out and give us your opinion.


Michael:   Do I have to light it? (laughs)


ElectronicCigar.com:  No. No.


Michael:   That was a joke.


ElectronicCigar.com:  Actually you don't have to light it. That's one of the interesting things about it.


Michael:   Just go ahead?


ElectronicCigar.com:  Yeah, you go ahead and …


Michael:   No button, nothing?


ElectronicCigar.com:  No button. You just, you just pull on it…


Michael:    That's pretty cool.


ElectronicCigar.com:  … the way that you would pull on a regular cigar and …


Michael:   Wow, look at that.


Michael:    That's pretty crazy.


ElectronicCigar.com:  You know we understand that we're never gonna replace a great tobacco cigar, but what do you think about it?


Michael:   I'll tell you what. My first reaction is what the heck are you talking about? But as I'm sitting here and I'm puffing on it, I'm thinking of a lot of different scenarios, situations, where they become appropriate. I mean, the cigar lover in me is like … your initial reaction is blasphemy! You know? But (laughs) it's not replacing cigars. To me it would be almost like an add-on. I could see this filling the void in a lot of different places.


ElectronicCigar.com:        Yeah, and as a cigar smoker myself, that's what really had drawn me to the idea of it. And my first impression was very similar, like how could something electronic and some sort of modern technology fit into this longstanding tradition of a cigar. But in this current day and age with, you know, different smoking laws and the way that the evolution of the culture of it has kinda limited peoples' ability to use cigars in lots of places, I found that, you know, not only do I get some interesting looks, but, um, it's a great conversation starter, and it's also become something that is very convenient.


You know, I take a few puffs and then can put it back in my pocket. And like you said, I go on with my day and if I'm in the car and I get that urge or sensation to have a cigar, you know. So, a lot of those times there's a convenience factor, and there's also the atmosphere that you're in.


Michael:   Yeah. I mean, if you're asking my opinion on it, and I, I think you are …


ElectronicCigar.com:  Yes.


Michael:    I think it's all in how you present it to people because cigar smokers are hardcore, hardcore guys. They, they love their cigar, and their cigar is the best. Or their cigar lounge is the best. As we're talking, my head's spinning with opportunities …


ElectronicCigar.com:        Well, because it's something you've never seen before.


Michael:    Never seen before and, and I notice that the tip actually turns red! I can't see it from this angle. How many, how many times can puff on it?


ElectronicCigar.com:  This particular model, the CUVANA has an 1,800 puff capacity, which I think would be considered close to maybe 18 or 20 traditional cigars.


Well, Michael, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. We're looking forward as always to coming in and having some great tobacco cigars, and the one and only En Fuego house blend, you can't beat that one. And hopefully, we'll, you know, try some additional electronic cigars as we come out with new models and different sizes.


You know, it's always a pleasure to,to be here, and we appreciate it.


Michael:   Very cool, brother. Thanks for doing this. And, uh, do I get to keep this?


ElectronicCigar.com:        Absolutely! Keep that.


Michael:    All right! It's a good day after all.


ElectronicCigar.com:  There you go. You get something out of it! Well, cool, we thank you Michael.


Michael:   All right, ElectronicCigar.com, thanks.




For more information on En Fuego Cigars and Lounge, please check out their links below:


Website: www.enfuegolasvegas.com


Twitter: twitter.com/EnFuegoCigarsLV


Facebook: facebook.com/enfuegolasvegas

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