Five Common Myths About Vaping

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As with many things, myths about E-cigars and vaping abound. In an age where information is spread so easily, misinformation is spread easily as well. To help combat that misinformation, here are five myths about electronic cigars and cigarettes which simply are not true.


Myth #1: E-Cigars are Explosive

E-cigars, e-cigarettes, and vaporizers have batteries, which means they have the potential to catch on fire or explode. However, they are no more likely to do so than your cell phone, or your laptop, or any other device that runs on batteries. Mishaps with well-made vaping products are extremely rare and almost always result in little more than a ruined product, so don't fret about it too much.


Myth #2: E-Cigars Are Just as Dangerous as Cigars and Cigarettes

E-cigars are associated with smoking, and therefore they are often seen as being just as dangerous. However, the truth is there are no known side effects of electronic cigars. They don't cause cancer, they don't cause asthma, and they don't cause any of the other countless diseases and conditions that smoking causes.


Myth #3: E-Cigars Won't Help You Quit Smoking

Of all the products that have been introduced as a means to help smokers quit – from patches to gum to hypnosis CDs – E-cigars and other vaping products are by far the most effective ones to ever come onto the market. In fact, they have the potential to save millions of lives a year, and countless smokers who were able to quit because of vaping are a testament to their effectiveness.


Myth #4: E-Cigars Are a Gateway to Tobacco Use

The truth is that most people who use E-cigars are switching from tobacco. In this way, E-cigars a gateway out of tobacco use rather than a gateway to it. As for those who have not tried tobacco but do try E-cigars, one study by the CDC showed that increased use of vaping did not lead to increased use of tobacco, and there have been no conclusive studies to suggest otherwise.


Myth #5: Nicotine is Dangerous

There is a whole list of chemicals in cigars and cigarettes that are dangerous, but nicotine isn't one of them. While nicotine is addictive, addictive doesn't equate to dangerous. Just ask anyone who's addicted to coffee. The truth is that there are no significant health risks associated with nicotine, and studies have shown that, by itself, it's about as harmful as caffeine.

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