How to “Smoke” an E-Cigar

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"A cigar ought not to be smoked solely with the mouth, but with the hand, the eyes, and with the spirit." — Zino Davidoff


Although the quote above is from the founder of a luxury tobacco cigar brand, we recommend taking the same approach to electronic cigar smoking. An e-cigar can be every bit as satisfying as a smoke cigar, even more so. (By the way, you don't "smoke" and electronic cigar – you "vape." The vapor is free from the harmful ingredients found in tobacco smoke.)


There are a few things to know about smoking an e-cigar vs. a tobacco cigar. Here is a quick Q&A on how to smoke an e-cigar:


Inhale or puff? You will want to savor the electronic cigar smoking experience, perhaps with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, after enjoying a steak and salad. No need for matches or a lighter; you activate the e-cigar by puffing on it. Take a puff or two and exhale gracefully, so the flavor lingers on your palate. The glow of the e-cigar's ash-like tip adds a familiar visual sensation that's part of the ritual. You can pleasantly inhale an e-cigar, too, without the risk of tobacco's undesirable health effects and odor.


Love the feel of a cigar in your hand? An e-cigar can offer the heft and texture of a wrapper cigar. Try a brand like the Cuvana electric cigar to experience a true cigar "feel."


Can you reuse an e-cigar? The beauty of an electronic cigar is that it's always ready to be activated by simply using it. When your vaping session has ended, your e-cigar will be ready the next time you want to vape. When a tobacco cigar goes cold, that's it. Some e-cigars provide up to 1,800 puffs, too – they last a long time.


E-cigar band on or off? We've never found a reason to remove a cigar band. A band can be a marker for where to hold your e-cigar. And a cigar band gives the cigar or e-cigar a traditional look. It's part of the unique packaging of any cigar, including an electronic cigar.


Mix up your cigar routine with an e-cigar. The electronic cigar is a worthy option, meant to be enjoyed "with the spirit."

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