Three Benefits of Electronic Cigars

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Electronic cigars offer a number of significant benefits over traditional cigars, which is why many avid cigar smokers are making the switch and just as many first-time cigar smokers are opting for E-cigars over traditional cigars. Outlined below are three of the biggest benefits of E-cigars for you to consider.


Better for Your Health


The health consequences of smoking is by far the biggest reason why people are choosing E-cigars over traditional cigars. Smoking cigars, while not quite as dangerous as smoking cigarettes since the smoke is not inhaled, come with a number of troubling risks. For one, they have been shown to cause throat and mouth cancer. They also can aggravate a person’s allergies and asthma, lead to teeth and gum problems, and more. E-cigars, on the other hand, have no known harmful side-effects.


More Affordable

Quality cigars are not cheap. In fact, they can cost anywhere from $15 to $50+ dollars a stick, especially if you are purchasing a rare or desirable cigar such as a Cuban. To make matters worse, cigars only last about an hour or so, depending on the style of cigar. Meanwhile, E-cigars cost about the same as a single cigar and last significantly longer. Most E-cigars will provide between 1,000-2,000 puffs, meaning that they will last several days to several weeks depending on how often you use them.


More Convenient

There are less restrictions on E-cigars, meaning that they can be smoked in a much wider range of places. They don’t require you to have a lighter, a cigar cutter, or an ashtray. They don’t leave a foul smell on your skin, clothing, and breath. They are durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about crushing them in your pocket, and they don’t have to be smoked all at once, meaning you can take a few puffs then put your E-cigar back up until next time. For all of these reasons, E-cigars are much more convenient than traditional cigars.

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