Why Do Cigars Have Cigar Bands?

05/22/2013 0 Comment(s) Electronic Cigar News,

A colorful design on paper or foil, often embossed in gold, is wrapped around tobacco cigars as well as electric cigars. A long-standing tradition, these distinctive rings that identify brands and types of cigars have attracted collectors for over a hundred years. But where and why cigar bands came into existence is open for debate. Here are a couple of possibilities:


  • The practice of wrapping cigars with decorated rings may have started in Europe. They were meant to protect the white-gloved women who liked smoking cigars, but disliked the tobacco stains.


  • Early on, a Cuban cigar manufacturer wanted to distinguish his cigars from the inferior products being sold under his name He started banding them for identification.


  • Cuban archives show that the first cigar bands were made in the 1830s.


Early cigar bands featured a mini-version of the cigar box label itself – a face, building, flower or animal. Expensive to produce, the cigar bands of pre-WWI gave way to simpler designs that cost less to create.


Cigar bands are so much a part of cigar culture that the new e-cigar or electric cigar brands include them. E-cigars have the authentic look, feel and flavor of regular cigars, but without the harmful toxins found in tobacco.


You can visit the Museum of Cigars in person or online to learn about their cigar-band collection. There are thousands of images of cigar bands online, too. Cigar bands, rings and e-cigar bands – not sure where they started but they seem to be here to stay.


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