Frequently Asked Questions About E-Cigars

What is an electronic cigar?

An electronic cigar is a tar and tobacco-free device that you inhale or puff, just as you would a traditional tobacco cigar. The system includes a premium state of the art battery and a cartridge: The cartridge contains a built-in atomizer, heating element, microprocessor, and liquid nicotine mixture. Quite simply, all you do is inhale and the e-cigar system heats up and vaporizes the liquid nicotine mixture. This process creates water vapor, similar to the steam coming from a cup of coffee, instead of smoke. One of the biggest electronic cigar questions is about the electronic cigar experience. They look and feel like traditional cigars, and when you inhale, or vape, an e-cigar, you get the sensation and satisfaction, without the harmful effects of tobacco smoking.

Is it satisfying to "smoke" an e-cigar?

Of all the electronic cigar questions, this may be the most important to cigar enthusiasts and aficianados. The best electronic cigar brands provide the cigar smoking sensation you love. One of the often-asked questions about e-cigars is do they look and feel like "real" cigars? YES! Take the example of the premium CUVANA: this e-cigar's authentic wrapper has the traditional brown color and veined appearance of a tobacco cigar. It also has a balanced weight and shape, with a realistic LED-lit tip that resembles a conventional cigar's burning ash. You will discover that the rich cigar flavor and nicotine in an e-cigar vapor product can be entirely satisfying. It's also nice to know you are maintaining a smoke-free environment for those around you.

Are electronic cigars a healthier way to smoke?

E-cigars offer an alternative to smoking harmful tobacco, due to the elimination of tobacco, tar, flame, carbon monoxide, and associated carcinogenic properties found in traditional cigars. You get the experience of holding a cigar and taking a puff without "lighting up," because electronic vapor devices heat automatically without the use of a match, lighter, or fire. Electronic cigars are smoke and odor free so you don't have the characteristically unpleasant smell of a cigar.

According to a definitive new study released by the Drexel University School of Public Health, proposals to ban e-cigarettes in places where smoking is banned have been based on concern there is a potential risk to bystanders, but the study shows there is no concern and no risk in second hand vapor.

This same article cites findings by Michael Siegel, a physician and professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. He says that while electronic smoking products can contain trace levels of nitrosamines, so do approved nicotine-replacement therapy products, such as patches and gums. The amounts are very low and have not shown signs of causing any health problems.

Can I save money by smoking e-cigars?

Yes, each 'CUVANA' electronic cigar delivers up to 1,800 puffs, and has a shelf life of 2 or more years. Each 'CUVANA' electronic cigar is equivalent to approx twenty traditional tobacco cigars. Depending on the cigar and the smoker, a traditional tobacco cigar is usually good for 50-100 puffs.

How do electronic cigars promote sustainability and save energy?

Electronic cigars do not require a flame to ignite, as is the case with burning tobacco – a potential irritant and air pollutant. An e-cigar lasts longer than its tobacco counterpart by employing a renewable energy source. Tobacco smoking products also have a shorter "shelf life" than electronic vapor products. The 'CUVANA' e-cigar has a 2+ year shelf life.

Have questions about e-cigars being accepted where you live?

E-cigars are for smokers 18 years of age or older, 19 or older for those who live in Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey, Utah and New York. You can find the legal smoking age in your state as it may apply to electronic vapor products by looking online or calling your local municipality. Please ask when you visit restaurants, bars, waiting rooms, public transportation and other public and private venues about their policies regarding e-cigar smoking. Be aware of office and school policies and ask questions about their e-cigar policy in advance. The FDA has not yet approved electronic vapor products for use as devices to help stop smoking. As a result, federal law prohibits marketing electronic cigarettes or electronic cigars as a quit-smoking device.

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