How Electronic Cigars Work

With an increasing number of cigar lovers looking for alternative ways to enjoy their favorite pastime, electronic cigars are becoming more popular than ever. People are always surprised at how closely electronic cigars mimic the cigar smoking experience they know and love.

Whether it be a wedding, birth of a child, or any other special occasion or celebration, now you can enjoy the cigar smoking experience and timeless tradition with a smoke and odor free alternative just about anywhere.

An electronic cigar is a tar and tobacco-free device you inhale or puff, just as you would a traditional tobacco cigar. The system includes a premium state of the art battery and a cartridge: The cartridge contains a built-in atomizer, heating element, microprocessor, and liquid nicotine mixture. Quite simply, all you do is inhale and the e-cigar system heats up and vaporizes the liquid nicotine mixture. This process creates water vapor, instead of smoke. One of the biggest electronic cigar questions is about the electronic cigar experience. They look and feel like traditional cigars, and when you inhale, or vape, an e-cigar, you get the sensation and satisfaction, without the harmful effects of tobacco.

While we could explain all the many intricate technicalities that make this possible, the best way to learn how an electronic cigar works is to experience it for yourself! Click here to try an electronic cigar.